Turtle Season on Siesta Key: Learn About These Amazing Creatures!

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One of the most beautiful creatures in Florida is the Sea Turtles. These incredible reptiles nest on the shores each year and lay their eggs. Visitors to the area can see them during their egg-laying season. In this blog, we’ll cover the types of turtles, how to safely see them, and a little about them! Now, let’s dive into what you can expect when you visit the Florida coast.   

Turtle Season on Siesta Key  

What Turtles Can You Find on Siesta Key?  

When visiting Siesta Key, a few species of turtles can be found. The most common is the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. There are also Green Sea Turtles, which are less common and make their home here. If you’re lucky, you may spot Kemp’s Ridleys, the rarest sea turtle. These species make our area the perfect place to see these turtles safely!   

How long is turtle season in Florida? 

Sea turtle nesting season is from March through October, so turtle nests are present most of the year. If you think you have encountered a sea turtle nest, leave the nest alone. There is usually a team of dedicated professionals keeping track of seasonal nesting!   

How to Safely See the Turtles  

When viewing sea turtles, there are a few rules to ensure that we respect their space and safety. One of the most important rules is to ensure that you give the turtle space and do not disturb its nesting site. In addition to keeping a safe distance from the animal, turtle viewers are asked to avoid flashing lights near sea turtles. This can scare the turtles and disturb their nesting process.   

Fun Facts about Sea Turtles  

There are so many amazing facts about sea turtles! Did you know that some species spend years in the open ocean? Or that one species of sea turtles lay their eggs during the daytime? Another interesting fact is that the Leatherback Sea Turtle has been around since the age of dinosaurs! Check out more sea turtle facts here!  

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